Pastor Collects Money To Check If Your Name Is In The ‘Book Of Life’




Hmmm… End time!!!

Controversial Bishop Thomas Wahome of Helicopter of Christ Church in Nairobi collects money to check if his followers’ names are in the ‘book of life’, Nairobiex has reported.

The website did a short story about him describing the “Man of God” and his church as “just out of this world” and “known to craft very bizarre ways of conning his flock”.

In 2012, it was said that the pastor (Wahome) charged his congregation the sum of Sh. 1,200 if they wanted to touch the (hem of his) garment like the lady in Mark 5:21-34 who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment. Bishop Wahome says that people who touched the hem of his garment were instantly healed of whatever ailment it was that troubled them.

Welcome to 2014 – which is probably a Year of Something, at least for each denomination of several churches scattered across the world – and Bishop Wahome is back with a new ‘scheme’. For the (modest?) sum of Sh 1,500, Wahome says, you can now check if your name is in the book of life. Apparently, Wahome says, he has a ‘direct line’ to God and he can communicate with him directly.

In a divorce saga in 2011, a Kenyan website The Star reported that Wahome’s estranged wife Mueni said the bishop whose crusades and Sunday services are aired on TV stations, attends to about 500 people per day and each of them parts with Sh10,000 to see him.

Mueni accused Wahome of spending thousands of shillings on a lavish lifestyle while she and the children were left languishing in poverty.

The wife also added: “Strange women have been calling me and others send me text messages telling me that I am no longer the only bishop’s wife.”

But, Wahome said Mueni has treated him with cruelty causing him psychological trauma and mental anguish. He blamed Mueni for their broken marriage.


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