P-Square Blocked May-D From Performing At Calabar Carnival

The last has certainly not been heard of the P-Square/May D split, as the very influential twins ensured that their former protege, did not perform at the just concluded Calabar Carnival, according to a report.
May-D was billed to perform alongside Psquare and Akon at the Calabar festival. His name was on the list. And true to their words, MayD arrived at Calabar airport on the same flight with P-Square.
Miss Petite Nigeria smelt trouble when he looked alone and didn’t walk with them. They rode in separate cars and he was lodged in a separate hotel from them.
So, the show started and I saw J-Martins had replaced May-D and people were asking questions about his whereabouts.
According to information gathered “He wasn’t paid his balance and decided to pull out”.
So, one of Akon’s people asked where May-D was and was told the same thing “In his words, that’s not good mennn..sometimes, it really isn’t about the money you know. Akon loves that dude mennnn”.
However, another reliable source said that “When May-D was put on the list of performing artistes, the organizers didn’t know he wasn’t with Square records anymore.
So, P-square on getting to Calabar, intimated the organizers on the latest development and so they had to drop him at the last minute.
When Akon and P-square performed “chop my money”May-D’s part had been yanked off.

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