Oyinbo Husband Caught His Wife In Bed With Another Man. See What He Did Next (Pics)


If you think you are having a bad day, then think about this twitter man, who walked in on his wife with another man and decided to take a picture for proof.

Simply identified as @BurnerYordan on the social networking site, gave his follower a hit on Friday September 20, 2019, regarding his relationship status, but many thought it was the usual couples’ fight.

“Officially single for the first time in 10 years” -he announced.

But that didn’t generate much attention, you could guess people wanted more and you’d be right.

Two days later, Mr. Yordan was not longer leaving any detail unreported as he took to the same platform to announce the root cause of his problem with wife.

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, been having some serious issues going on in the personal life. Walked in on my wife in our bed with another man. Not something you ever expect but it happened to me…. and I got proof for all to see


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