My Online Begging Was A Stunt on My Daughter — Afrocandy


Controversial actress, Judith Mazagwu, popularly known as Afrocandy, has finally opened up that her request for her daughter’s school fees on the social media platform was publicity stunt.

The actress explained that the stunt was actually aimed at convincing her daughter to accept the admission offer she was proposing to her which she tried to turn down.

Afrocandy laughed at the way she was criticized over the request by her fans on the social media but revealed that she can never be broke, adding that if she had made money from her request online, she would have used the money to buy hair wigs for herself.

“I posted something like that on the internet and I had a reason for doing it. I don’t know if I should actually talk about it. If I do, my daughter might not take me seriously again. What happened was that my daughter got admission into several universities and these are Ivy League Universities. She turned down the major ones I wanted her to accept.

A university in Connecticut gave her full scholarship and she turned it down because it was four hours drive from home. She’s an Honours student. She had an Honour group and they all agreed to go to Connecticut together, later the others opted out. And because she doesn’t want to be lonely, and that’s why she wanted to go to another school. But she didn’t have a scholarship for that one. So, I decided to pull a stunt, it wasn’t that I was broke. I can’t be broke. I’m Afrocandy, I’m a star.

When you have an Abraham as a father, you can’t be broke. I only need to make phone calls and I get all the money I need. Am I not Afrocandy, why would I beg? When I posted the request online, my fans were mad at me. I explained to them that I just wanted to pull a stunt. I wanted to make my daughter accept the scholarship. I wanted to use one stone to kill two birds. I felt that if I did it and raise money, fine. If I don’t, no problem. I could use the money to buy wigs.,” she explained


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