I Am One Of Those Ones That Are Unlucky When It Comes To Marriage – Fathia Balogun


Fathia Balogun has spoken about her former marriage to Saheed Balogun.

The award winning actress revealed a lot about her failed marriage, her decision to change her name and future projects.

Fathia Balogun who was in the mood to speak about all gist surrounding her marriage was asked what has been her lowest point in her life. The beautiful actress went on to reveal how her divorce came as a shocker to her

“Well, I have been through a lot of downs, but the biggest one that took me off my fits was when my marriage crashed. That was the biggest down for me,” she said.

During the course of the interview, Fathia Balogun was asked why her second marriage to actor Saheed Balogun did not work out. She was quick to explain that she feels the luck of getting and staying married might not be on her side.

Everything about life is about luck and I’d say when I was growing up the only thing that would come to my mind was to have a glamorous wedding, with a wedding train, my 9 to 5 husband, my two children, everybody had plans, but if you go into the first one and it didn’t work and you go into the second one and it didn’t work, that means marriage luck is not by your side and I think I am one of those ones that marriage luck is not by their side,” she revealed.

Fathia Balogun also clarified the notion on whose fault it was that the marriage didn’t work. She said

“I don’t want to fault anybody because I had my one fault, but I think from my own faults, I adjusted my lifestyle I adjusted everything around me. So, I wanna say some other time I’ll be lucky.”

When asked if she was officially divorced, the beautiful actress came out clean with a simple answer

“We are not officially divorced, the case is still in court so we are not officially divorced since the court has not officially divorced us, we are not officially divorced,” She said.

Fathia Balogun also debunked rumors that she was back with Saheed Balogun as she said they are just friends since they have two kids together. She also said they say say hello to each other once in a while. She also said fingers should be kept crossed when she was asked if there would be a possible reunion between herself and Saheed Balogun.

The Yoruba Nollywood goddess also revealed how her brand has tremendously improved since the last win at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards

“Like I said earlier, my career took another phase. I did a lot of projects at the beginning of this year. I worked with AY. I worked with a lot of big brands at the beginning of this year, so after that my brand took another phase,”  She said.

Everyone has been dying to find out the rational behind Fathia’s sudden change of name which she said wasn’t a big deal as she did it for her branding.

“The name is still my name, my name is Fathia Williams, the name Fathia Balogun…there is no big deal it’s just a branding thing. Someday I am going bear my father’s name,” she confirmed.

Finally Fathia Balogun got to speak about her new projects which includes a movie and a sub-series

“I’m working on my first Cinema movie and I have a sub-series that I am shooting soon. That’s what I am working on now,” she revealed.

This interview is coming barely a few days after she shocked her fans and admirers with the sudden change of name on her Instagram account and went as far as deleting all her pictures too.


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