Omawunmi Is My Inspiration – Singer Yemi Alade Opens Up


Yemi alade in a chat with The Sun has opened up about fame and who her. According to the singer, has always been an inspiration, while Beyonce has it in the international world.

She also spoke about her ideal man, saying tribe is the least of all the she would use in chosing her man.

What has fame denied you?
Wow! I can’t walk on the streets anymore like I used to do. I used to enjoy and taking long walks but I can’t anymore.

Which artistes influenced your beginnings?
So many did. In Nigeria, has always been an inspiration. Beyoncé is definitely another big source of inspiration…..
When the time comes to finally settle down, what tribe would you settle for?

It is beyond tribe for me; tribe should be the least criterion.


Are you seeing any man right now?

O! Yes I am. You can see many men around (points at male guests at the event amid laughter)

Who is your ideal man?

He has to be God fearing, have good prospect, and of course, a sense of humour.

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