OJB Jezreel’s Wife Reveals Why She Gave Him One Of Her Kidney




Prolific producer and musician, Babatunde Okungbowa a.k.a OJB Jezreel and his wife, Mabel, who has been married for 20 years while speaking in a recent interview, Mabel his wife who donated her kidney to him for a transplant in India gave answers to why she gave him her kidney.

Why did you decide to give him one of your kidneys?

Mabel: I did not even think twice about it, I had it and I gave it to him. He is my husband, the father of our children and I love him. This is somebody I have been with all my life. I did not tell anybody before I decided to, not even my parents because I had foreseen their reaction. There was no reason to inform them. When I married him, I told God I wanted the both of us to grow old together and live to see many generations. I am sure God knew this situation before he brought us together because not only am I a match for him, we are the same blood group and we are both stubborn.


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