OJB Jezreel Narrates Near-Death Auto Accident Ordeal

Prolific music producer, OJB Jezreel, has disclosed that it has taken the grace of God to put him thrugh life challenges.

The entertainer, who underwent a medical surgery abroad in 2013, narrated a near death auto accident he was involved in recently.

According to OJB, “I was coming from Abeokuta with a friend in his car. I think they didn’t tighten the bolt of the tyre very well. By the time we were around Mowe, the tyre gave way and the car tumbled and the glass scattered.

“My friend was seriously injured. I was also injured but not as badly. After the accident, I couldn’t walk very well. I was treated and a few weeks I had to walk around with a stick. I dropped the stick three days ago. I’m a lot better now.

“The things that have been happening from the surgery to the accident, it is God. Some people would have died if they had gone through all that I have gone through but God has been gracious to me,” he added.

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