Official Photos From ‘Behind The Scenes’ Of Davido Skelewu Video Shoot


Davido is gearing up for the release of the official video for his most recent single ‘Skelewu’. To increase the fever cause by the hotly anticipated clip, his camp have decided to share official photos from the Moe Musa directed shoot.

Skelewu-41 Skelewu-39 Skelewu-35 Skelewu-25 Skelewu-24 Skelewu-23 Skelewu-21 Skelewu-12 Skelewu-7 Skelewu-3 Skelewu-126 Skelewu-125 Skelewu-122 Skelewu-113 Skelewu-112 Skelewu-110 Skelewu-105 Skelewu-101 Skelewu-100 Skelewu-95 Skelewu-81 Skelewu-79

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