Obesere in Big Trouble for Releasing Video with Olamide



Popular Fuji musician, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere may no longer in good terms with the chairman of Solidworth Entertainment, Alhaji Taofeek Abefe Bello, if what we heard is anything to go by. The bone of contention is the release of ‘Ebelesua video’, a music video that Obesere had collaborated with Olamide.

According to the source, “The issue is that Solidworth is dragging Obesere to court over the visuals of Ebelesua, saying the video was released, without his consent, on social media platforms such as Youtube, and Obesere’s twitter and instagram accounts. And as a result of this, Alhaji Bello is claiming to have lost a huge amount of money in the process, asking Obesere to pay back millions of naira he would have made from the video.

“I also know that Obesere did the track for Solidworth Ent and the video was sponsored by its chairman, but I don’t know how everything has turned out to be like this because they are very close”, he said.

Obesere has confirmed the news “It is true that Ebelesua video featuring Olamide has caused rift between Alhaji Bello and I. He accused me of releasing the video on Youtube and on my handles and asked me to pay back the money he would have made or we meet in court. But the matter will be handled. Thank you”, he said.


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