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OAP Freeze Rants Again, Says, MMM Is Better Than Nigerian Pentecostal Churches!



Controversial broadcaster and On Air Personality, popularly known as OAP Freeze, who is known to be a strong critic of the affluent lives lived by some pastors has taken to social media again to state his reasons to justify his belief that leaders of Pentecostal churches are after their members’ money.

as he is fondly referred to in his recent post, compared Pentecostal churches in Nigeria to the popular ponzi scheme, .

He further emphasized that is far better than the churches in that the ponzi scheme warns its investors beforehand to use only their spare money but Pentecostal churches don’t even warn their members to give their spare money in church.

He wrote: “When asked which is the greater Ponzi scheme, or the version of the Pentecostal church; my answer was simple……… At least warns you before hand, and advices you to use only your spare money! ~ FRZ”

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