OAP Freeze, Churches And The Casts In His Tithing War


Controversial OAP Freeze, even though clearly stating on his profile that he his and on air presenter by occupation, he is still known best for attacking pentecostial preachers, especially the well-to-do ones amidst them.

Freeze even tagged himself as the “General Overseer” of the “Free the Sheeple Movement”, i’m sure you know what that means.

While some support him, others firmly go against his teachings, But its inarguable that Freeze convince more followers everyday, joining his “Free The Sheeple” parish.

The basic problem he has with pentecostal pastors is that he beleives they use their churches as business centers, to strip people off their hard earned money.

One thing with Daddy Freeze is that he appears strong & doesn’t care about what others think about him. He always has a way of blasting & making fun of those that oppose him & his “Free The Sheeple” movement.

He is against the flamboyant lifestyles of many top Nigerian pastors and never fails to slam them whenever he sees an opportunity to do so. He has blasted top pastors & General Overseers such as Oyedepo, Adeboye, Ibiyeomie, Adefarasin among others.

Because of this, he has exchanged words with many celebrities who are in support of tithing and who are against his constant bashing of pastors. Some of the celebrities that directly or indirectly called him out include:

Timi Dakolo
Ubi Franklin (‘What You Preach is Unhealthy‘)

Emmanuel Ikubese (Tithing: “Who Do You Think You Are? We Are Tired Of Your Rants”)

Anita Joseph (“I tithe, come and beat me”)

Waconzy (“Everything You Said About Tithe Is 10000% RUBBISH!”)

Daddy Freeze is not that patient dog in the myths, he replied each of them savagely and even mocked Ubi Franklin’s Crashed marriage

Daddy Freeze recently accused Nigerian pastors of hacking his Instagram account which he later regained. But his Instagram account is currently off again.

In view of all these, what’s your view about tithing? Do you support the payment of tithes or do you go with Daddy Freeze who is against tithing because he thinks those that pay tithes are gullible & are enriching the pastors?




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