Nurse Caught On Video Beating And Biting Newborn Baby In Hospital



A nurse was arrested for beating and biting a newborn baby. The nurse, Emiliya Kovacheva of Sofia, Bulgaria, herself a mother, was seen on video attacking the 4-day-old baby. Read more from Scoop:

Kovacheva was seen punching the baby, who is named Nicole, in the stomach and face because she would not quiet down.  She then grabbed the baby by one arm, took her out of the bassinet and continued to abuse her by hitting her in the face, shaking her and biting her. The baby had suffered terrible injuries. She was taken to the hospital’s intensive care unit, where it was feared that baby Nicole would not make it. However, after being treated, doctors now say that she is expected to recover.

When the nurse was arrested, she initially denied the allegations. However, when she was confronted with the video, Kovacheva admitted that she was frustrated because the baby did not fall asleep. She did not want the baby to wake the other sleeping newborns.

Kovacheva is facing charges of attempted murder. Her attorneys are pushing for the charge to be lowered to inflicting grievous bodily harm. If she is convicted of attempted murder, she can be sentenced to 20 years behind bars. The video was uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral.


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