Nothing was ever designed to be easy


Nothing worth having comes easy, the more you have to struggle to achieve it the least likely you would take it for granted! The truth is that nothing worth having is ever easy, and all the best things in life are the result of pain. In the end, that’s what makes the good things go very great, and that’s what makes it all worth the struggle.

The key to victory is believing you have a life worth fighting for.
Sometimes in life people are worth fighting for and those that are you will feel in your heart. Once in a while, friends show us the essence of the word care and make life worth living by the effort they take and the time they spare. We have no way of knowing what lies ahead, but that’s what makes the journey even more exciting that’s what makes life worth living.
Don’t be afraid to dream, live or love. This is what makes life worth living.
A life worth living is one that is expanding, renewing, discovering, revealing and becoming

Keep your gaze on the goals, set your eyes on the heights, remain focused on the field that you were designed to pursue, climb and cultivate.

I agree with you that sometimes, it may be tough to keep that gaze, I don’t negate the fact that sometimes it may be challenging to maintain the slippery hold on that climb, I do not argue the truism in the knowing that even the field of harvest may still come forth with it’s own version of fresh challenges.

But the truth of the matter will always be that nothing was ever designed to be easy, no Canaan  was ever designed to exist without  some attendant giants, no  Promised land was ever accessed without a sandwiched wilderness…Yes, none and absolutely none!

So,  stay excited, as you forge ahead in some way…refuse to complain as  you make it through the Red seas of life, for eventually you will cross that Jordan and take possession  of that which  bears your name-tag by virtue of destiny.

Don’t give up,its not over…when you give up then its over…hold on to the Lord when trouble comes your…even when you fail its not over…Fashoyin Damilola 

Don`t give up till it`s over, don`t quit if you can
The weight on your shoulder will make you a stronger man….Fashoyin Damilola


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