Nollywood Already Working On ALUU4 Movie

Just when we thought some Nollywood film makers couldn’t go any lower, they surprise us and stoop to a new low.

Word is reaching us via various sources, that a movie on the jungle justice killings of 4 Uniport students that happened less than 2 months (October 5th) is already in the works. The killings, popular referred to as the Aluu4 killings hit the nation hard and brought to light the issue of jungle justice in nigeria.

As of yet, the 13 suspects arrested in connection to the killings have not been convicted, and a full official statement of all that happened is yet to be released.

Based on this information, one has to wonder exactly what the folks that have decided to make this movie will be working with. Have they contacted any family members? Did they do their thorough investigation as to what happened? Have they spoken with other students in Uniport or talked to eye witnesses? Did they visit the location where this happened? Will the proceeds from this movie aid in anything at all?

Linda Ikeji in her blog mentioned that the movies is produced by Simony Productions, the Idumota marketers that also did Blackberry Babes. It’s pretty sad that it’s reached this low point that some people can use such a huge tragedy to fuel their pockets. Even if the intentions are good, the timing is far too early, and will only rub a lot of people the wrong way. However way you wish to twist this, it just seems wrong and almost like a slap in the face to the families, and loved ones of those who passed.

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