Nollywood Actor Wale Akorede Known As “Okunnu” Curse Those Who ‘Destroyed’ Nigeria (Watch Video)


Nollywood Actor Wale Akorede Known As “Okunnu” Curse Those Who ‘Destroyed’ Nigeria

Actor Wale Akorede, better known by his stage name Okunnu, has lambasted people responsible for Nigeria’s “horrific predicament.”

The Nollywood actor expressed his great concern for the status of the country in a video that he posted on his verified Instagram account.

The actor stated, “I am not here to laugh this morning; if we continue to watch without saying anything, then we want things to progress beyond this stage,” using his own tongue to describe his thoughts. If a man, a woman, a child, or an elderly person has contributed to the destruction of Nigeria, their lives and the lives of their offspring will also be destroyed. Nigeria has suffered so much harm that I’m not even sure what part of it is doing well. What is the real issue with Nigerian citizens? We are all outsiders, not citizens, in my opinion.

According to Gossipinfo news, The actor also added a description to the video, writing, “I’ve never been in this kind of a mood in my life. Where are we heading as a nation, and when will we be able to enjoy ourselves as Nigerian citizens? We need growth, nawa oooooh, KO B’ERINDE.

In the Nollywood film industry, the 54-year-old actor is well known. He has been acting for more than ten years.

Okunnu has appeared in a number of films, including the well-known Mokalik, Fate of Alakada, and Last Days.



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