Nigeria’s music industry making global impact, says Olu Maintain


Musician Olumide Adegbolu, popularly known as Olu Maintain, said on Tuesday that the country’s music industry was making global impact in spite of the challenges facing it.

The yahooze crooner said in Lagos that the music industry was presently in an evolutionary state.

“The quality of material is very encouraging. There’s been a lot of growth, and there’s been considerable, measurable development as well.

“We’re very far from where we started from and we still have a lot to do. It has been a steady growth process. It looks promising and it can only get better.

“If you had looked at it five years back and compared it to the present, you would see some undeniable improvement.

“Nigeria music has instantly become a factor worldwide, not just because of the support given, but most especially the population and purchasing power of Nigerians, “he said.

He said that the sky was the limit of music production in the country adding that there was massive music culture evolving across the nation.

“The revolution is so big that in the next five years people worldwide will be heard singing songs with Nigerian lyrics,“ he said. (NAN)


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