Nigerians Blast Miracle Over His ‘imaginary Relationship’ Statement On Nina

Big Brother Naija 2018 winner, Miracle Ikechukwu has officially announced his break up with fellow ex-housemate, Nina. In a statement he released on his social media platforms, the pilot had blamed Nigerians for subjecting the duo to an ‘imaginary relationship’

In his statement, Miracle said:

‘neither me nor Nina, I believe has ever publicly or in private told anyone we are in love and are dating. So please kindly don’t subject us to an undue imaginary relationship’

Fans are however not satisfied with the use of the phrase ‘imaginary relationship’ and they took to his page to rant on his lack of sensitivity. And most of the fans believe he ought not to have made use of such words, even if the duo are not in any kind of a relationship.

See reactions below:

*** You could’ve addressed this earlier but you had to let people guess and run wild with their imaginations. Since you claim that y’all became “friends” after the house…All those attacks that Nina endured all in the name of “friendship” but go on

*** The fact that you posted that post with a series of your pictures is a lot to take in too..actually lack of sensitivity on your part

*** So this is is it? Karma must visit you…..We are all here…God bless you @NinaIvy_ you will continue to soar higher and higher….I hope dis sends a strong lesson to all strong women, most me are scum

*** @FlyBoyMiracle you are extremely rude ,that last line was unnecessary.if you only knew how much the Minaship did for your image you wouldn’t be typing so carelessly.from now on you will get to experience dragging from all walks of Africa.but I’m glad that you’ll get to feel it 2

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