Nigerian Man Celebrates His Mother Who Sold Food For 30 Years To Train Him In School


woman-who-sale-food-700x525People say a mother’s role in a child’s life is not only powerful but irreplaceable. A young man showed how much he values his mother with the words he shared about her on social media.

Tochukwu Ebeh describes his amazement and wonder over how his mother manages to send him through nursery, primary and secondary school with just her earnings from selling cooked food by the side of the road.

His words: “This business paid my school fees from Nursery 1 – ss3 including my junior and senior WAEC.

“That am alive today looking a little chubby is because of my honorable mother and her business.

“Many people were thinking it was my dad that was paying our school fees but truth is that, my honorable queen & her royal business has being doing that.

“The spirit of hustle, loyalty and respect that flows in me today was as a result of the good upbringing I inhaled from this business. GOD has being faithful through all these years this business has stayed afloat and alive.. TODAY marks it 30 years that madam Katherine has being in this business.

“Mama, you got my upper hand in the sky!

“GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP SUSTAINING THIS BUSINESS. Your sacrifices and sweat ain’t gonna be in vain! Shalom, mother!”

Such beautiful words from an appreciative young man!

Have your mother been wonderful in your life? Share your words for her below.


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