Nigerian Law School approves Use of Hijab during Call-to-bar Ceremonies Thanks To Firdaus

Following the controversy that ensued late last year when Nigerian law school graduate, Amasa Firdaus Abdulsalam was denied her call to bar for refusing to take off her hijab headscarf, reports say the institution has now approved the use of hijabs during the call-to-bar ceremonies and has also invited Amasa to attend the ceremony this July.

According to Twitter user @za_icon, The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) released a statement giving updates on the on-going court case with the institution fighting for the rights of Muslim students.

Breaking: The Nigerian Law School has accepted to call Amasa Fridaus to bar with her Hijab. Approves use of Hijab during call to bar.

— Adebayo A. (@za_icon) June 21, 2018

Amasa Firdaus has been invited to attend the call to bar ceremony in July. The Body of Benchers apparently approved Hijab before court ruling.

— Adebayo A. (@za_icon) June 21, 2018

Muslim NGOs, Societies might however continue with the court case to provide the much needed legal ruling.

Details later.

— Adebayo A. (@za_icon) June 21, 2018

The victory is not for the Amasa Firdaus alone. Female students in hijab will henceforth not be harrases during call to bar.

— Adebayo A. (@za_icon) June 21, 2018

Statement released by MURIC earlier this afternoon.

— Adebayo A. (@za_icon) June 21, 2018

Further clarification coming-in.

She’ll only be allowed for small covering over her hair.

— Adebayo A. (@za_icon) June 21, 2018

In 2017, The Nigerian Law School said that Amasa was breaking the dress code set by the university by putting on a hijab, hence prohibited her from the ceremony but she insisted on wearing the wig on top of her hijab

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