Nigerian Lady Shares Tips On How To Make A Woman Orgasm

Olivia decided to host a Twitter class on the art of making a woman achieve orgasm.

Read her tweets below;
“How to make a woman cum (female ejaculation)


Once she’s comfortable and willing for the taking, start off by fingering her so that she can get hornier and her clitoris can slowly start to protrude.

Mid fingering, as her vagina is getting wetter make sure to slide out your fingers a few times and rub the moisture on her clitoris so it keeps protruding more and more.

Continue switching between rubbing on her clitoris and fingering, if you’re able to act like a DJ and can do both at once then great!

To allow yourself to cover more surface are on her clitoris make sure that her legs are wide open.

Make sure that your fingers never go dry so don’t be shy to keep using your spit. $ex is supposed to be nasty in general or else you ain’t doing it right.

The more her clitoris protrudes just know that you’re doing a good job and keep going.

When she’s getting closer to climaxing, If she hasn’t before, she’ll probably tell you that she’s needs to pee but don’t stop keep rubbing on her clitoris and fingering her in-between just to get more moisture to rub on her clitoris.

When she’s about to cum the opening of her vagina will start looking as if it’s sucking in and her body will start to vibrate as she’s about to erupt.

Keep rubbing more and more until her vagina starts to excrete a fluid, it may leak or squirt out so don’t be too shocked.

Note that a girl can cum more than once so if you’re trying to kill her with enjoyment just continue repeating the process whilst she cums over and over again.

I can guarantee you that when you get to slide your pe*nis in her it will be sensational and she’ll be able to swallow it all up without feeling any pain or discomfort.

If you’re a minute man then making her cum is the best way to guarantee that you both leave completely satisfied without her being mad at you.

Pro tip: if you trying to make the build up extremely intense have her lay on her back, sit on top of her like she would when she’s riding you and use your pe*nis to rub on her clitoris as you would use your fingers and let her cum all over it before you slide it in.

I hope this thread helps a few people and don’t be stingy with this knowledge RT for fellow brothers to see 🙏

Pro tip: if you are giving her oral, you can use your tongue to make circular motions on her clitoris and suck on it while you finger her at the same time.

Remember that patience is the key it you are trying to make a girl cum. It may take a bit of time for her to get into her comfort zone but once she does 💦💦💦💦💦💦

For those that don’t know where exactly the clitoris is

To all of those asking “what if the doesn’t like being fingered” just simply remove it out of the equation. Just make sure you keep your fingers wet enough with saliva so you can massage on her clitoris, it will still protrude regardless.”

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