My new album will win more awards than I have ever won – Faze


Faze is a multi award-winning music artiste popularly known for his hit song Kolomental, as well as other releases from albums such as Refazed, Independent, Originality. After the split up of Plantashun Boiz in 2004, he went on to release his first album titled Faze Alone and has since then taken the music world by storm. In this chat with Potpourri, he tells us what he’s been up to. Excerpts

What have you been up to?
I’ve been recording my new album which will be out any time soon. I have some collaborations with some of my friends in the industry and you can expect the normal Faze treats. You know I don’t just release albums. I take my time and make sure what I release does not fall short of the standard I have set for myself.

How has your career been so far?
What would I say? It’s been great and I can’t complain. I am going to bring surprises, smiles, tears and laughter on people’s faces. You haven’t seen just enough of me yet.

What is your biggest song so far?
I don’t have a specific song that I can really call my biggest but if you say break through songs, I’ll say Faze Alone and Kolomental. Those two songs carved a path for me to follow and they remain my calling card as an independent artiste. But songs like Originality, Need somebody, Kpo Kpo di Kpo, to mention but a few are big hits.

Are you planning on doing any show this year?
I’m done with the project partially. Just basically working on my new single ‘’Your Daughter” and the video for it which should be out this June or July, then two other new singles with videos will follow after which my plans for my concert and tour in and out of Nigeria will take place.

Is Faze married now?
Not yet

What’s stopping you?
Nothing basically, just taking my time. When God says it’s time then that’s the right time for me. But I am in a relationship. I am not rushing things. I like to do things at the right time for the right reasons.

Did you think you were going to be this successful after Plantashun Boiz?
Yes, I did, but I never knew it’ll ever get this big.

Have there been any setbacks in your career?
Yes, of course. Every successful man always has setbacks but what they only do to me is make me buckle up and get stronger. I’m a man that likes challenges. If there are no challenges then all we have achieved count for nothing. There have been low and high times but, I thank God, the high times are far more than the low times.

Are you planning on releasing any albums this year?
Definitely, like I said earlier, I’m almost through with my project so when I’m done with that, that’s when the album will be out.

How many awards have you won so far?
I can’t really specify, but I’m sure this new album is going to win more awards than I have ever won. It is loaded with good hits that are sure to take the music scene by storm. Just watch out for it.

Who is your inspiration in music?
Fela, because he was real

What’s your view of the Nigerian music industry?
It’s gone beyond what we ever expected it to be and it’s obviously getting even bigger. Already, we are being heard all over the world. But I believe it will get better and bigger.

If you could change one thing in the industry, what would it be?
Piracy. Piracy is the biggest enemy we have. So, if there’s anything I can do to stop it, I will go any mile to do it.

What more should people expect from Faze?
A lot, I think I’ve done the best I can and I’ll leave the rest to God and the long awaiting Faze fans.
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