Nadia Nakai’s Nude Appearance At The Castle Lite Unlocks Causes Major Stir

Nadia Nakai gave people something to debate about last night (even today) when she rocked the type of outfit that was rather too revealing resulting in her name trending with people posing all kinds of comments.

The outfit showcased her ass and the outline of her genital leaving nothing to the imagination. Social media users even compared her to Zodwa Wabantu who is famous for stripping naked with everything in display.

Some tweeps criticized her while others came in to raise a point of how she was doing something so many other American female musicians have done but were never judged.

It wasn’t the first time Nadia trended for reasons concerning her looks, last year an image of her without make-up made rounds on social media with people saying all kinds of things. On her last interview with Daily Sun she mentioned to this day she isn’t over the cyber bullying. For this one she expressed that she doesn’t care about what people say.

“I just want to be as authentic as possible and show people exactly who I am. I have become confident in what I like, and not what people think will work for the market. I feel like I have grown with my fans and what I enjoy, they will enjoy.”

See tweets below:

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