N38,900 Monthly Allowance for Youth Corps Members is “Nothing but Rumours” – NYSC Director General

In the past few days, a rumour has been trending on social media among prospective and current Youth Corps members over the increment of their monthly allowance.

The rumour was that the monthly allowance from the Federal Government was going to be increased from N19,800 to N38,900 and that some corps members in Nasarawa and Abuja camps had already began collecting the increased allowance.

However, refuting this rumour yesterday, the Director General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Brigadier General Nnamdi Okore Affia said there is no plan by the federal government to increase corps members’ monthly allowance.

Daily Trust reports that while addressing the 2013 Batch A corps members deployed to Katsina State, General Affia cleared the air on the rumour.

To be honest with you there is no plan to increase your monthly allowance; all you have heard is nothing but rumours. If there is such plan I must be the first person to know but as far as I am concerned there is no official plan to increase your allowance; even if the plan is on the pipeline, it has not reach my level. Your monthly allowance is still N19, 800.”

While this rumour was trending, there was a debate over whether the Youth Corps members actually deserved to have an increase in their monthly allowances or not. Some argued that they did, while others said N38,900 was too much and was an allowance some people who had even completed their service year didn’t have the luxury of.

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