My Role Model Is Ibrahim Chatter And My Mentor Is Benzema — Fast Growing Actor , Mide Sog

An Exclusive Interview With Fast-Growing Nollywood Actor Cum Producer, Mide Babatunde ( Mide Sog ).
Please can we know You?
My name is olumide BabaTunde AKA mide sog.
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Please share with us your family Background / State Of Origin?
( Smiles ) I am from ogun state, abeokuta to be precise.
 How did you get to the Film Industry?
I have always had passion for acting since when I was a kid Let me just say acting has been one of my greatest desire.
Are you a Trained Actor/Born Actor?
I am a born actor and I am currently training to be a great actor.

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How long have you been into Entertainment?
It’s been very long oo I can’t say the year precisely.
If you are not into Film Making or Film Industry today where are you going to be?
 I would be a computer scientist cause I actually studied computer science in school.
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Shed more light on your relationship with your colleagues?
( laughs ) Most of my colleagues are my friends Buh I don’t have anything intimate with anyone in the industry.
 Who is your Role model/Mentor?
My role model is Ibrahim chatter and my mentor is Benzema.
Your Experience in the Film Industry?
 A lot to be left on said but we thank God, man no be God.
Who is your favorite Actor you will love to work with?
My favorite actor is Gabriel Afolayan.
Which project are you working on presently?
I am working on a movie presently, I am the producer But it has some set back because of the pandemic.
Mide Sog
Can you remember the first movie you got featured?
Iberu (Fear) produced by Zainab and Ajoke, directed by Kayode Adebayo.
Your Best friend in the film industry?
 I don’t have a best friend all my friends in the industry are equal to me.
Are you married?
( He takes a deep breath )
No, I am not married still focusing on my career and looking for money ( Laugh ).
How many movies have you produced?
None yet But before this year runs out by the grace of God.
Where do you relax after film shooting?
( Smiles ) At any nearest relaxation center but sometimes I go home if the location is closer to my house.
 Your Advice for the youth out there?
My advice is that they should Stay Open-Minded To The Views And Opinions Of Others, Don’t Rush To Grow Up and Don’t Try To Plan Your Entire Life Out.


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