“My Friend’s Wife Has Insisted On Living With Me After Quarrel With Her Husband” – Man Cries Out

Man upset

A man has begged people for advice on how to handle a married woman who has insisted on living in his house after quarrel with her husband.

The man said the woman is a wife of his friend.

Narrating the saga, he revealed that his friend had cheated on the woman and due to anger she decided to live the house and his (the man) house became an alternative for the woman.

What has added to the man’s worry is that the woman begged him not to tell her husband that she is currently living with him.

He wrote:

“My friends (a couple) got into a fight. Her husband cheated on her and she found out. She almost died from spiritual attacks from the side piece. Then she found out he travelled to the side chic’s brother’s wedding but told her he went on a business trip…”

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