[Must See] Top 6 Future Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria


I remember growing up as kids whenever we were asked what we would like to become in the future you will hear something like i want to become a doctor, lawyer, pilot, engineer or an accountant because these are jobs classified as being professional and we were made to idolized them by our teachers and even our parents. As time goes by we began to understand that there are hundreds of career out there one could pick up.

After a careful study and focused group discussion with rigorous analysis of the ranges for the thousands of jobs published on some job sites in i arrive at this list. It is important to note that the list is by no means final but a well researched projection of jobs that will be considered most lucrative in the future based on the information garnered from different sources.

Here are the Top 6 Future Highest Paying Jobs in

Aerospace Engineers

Aerospace engineers working in the country’s aviation sector got their professional and technical training outside the shores of the country and get paid handsomely. They are most likely licensed aircraft engineers and its a tasking profession that requires continuous technical expertise and sound judgement. Pilots earn well but do not come near the pay packet of aeronautical engineers.

Physicians – Obstetrics/Gynecologists

Examines female patients to ensure a healthy reproductive system. Monitors patient during prenatal, natal and postnatal periods and performs tests and prescribes medication and treatment, as necessary. Delivers babies, determining the method most appropriate to ensure health and safety of both infant and mother. Requires a degree in medicine from an accredited and is licensed to practice. Pay varies greatly depending on area of practice.

Software Developer & Programmer


The demand for software developers and programmers is growing at a geometric progression. The drastic growth in technology development which has creeped into third world countries has necessitated the need for people who are specialized in developing apps and writing programs for diverse purpose to address different burgeoning needs of the people. In presently, with the increase in the use of smartphones and software developer are becoming indispensable to the sustainability of this growth to develop social apps and programs people can relate with. These guys are hot cake even at the moment.

Creative Designers & Coding

I know you might be surprised seeing graphic designers here, yes, this is a job that will be paying 3-4 million per-annum in the future, i am not talking about quack or road side graphic designers, though they have their own share of the cake but am talking about professional graphic artistes that are highly creative and also do coding. These guys are always relevant and with the stiff competition in the market creativity will spot the difference.

Civil Engineer

Presently in the business of real estate is becoming so popular that so many people want to become a real estate agent, because of this, the need for civil engineers in in the future will be high because so many housing issue is still a basic problem in

Digital Marketing Analyst

You might also want to argue this, the need for digital marketing specialist or analyst in the future will so be high requiring paying those who are experts in this field, this is because of numerous eCommerce company springing up everyday, the growth in online merchandising will definitely necessitated need for more competent hands in the future as these guys are not earning less than 3 million per-annum

It is no doubt that the issue of unemployment is at an alarming rate in even while thousands of students are graduating every year, It doesn’t even matter again what course you studied in it is now more of what you can do and what you have passion for with how many certifications you have to show for it.

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