[MUST READ] Things You Wish You Knew When You Were Younger


Is it little surprise that most people end up becoming great philosophers despite not having a degree in one? Well, experiences and choices sure affect the way we think. Thus, it seemed only proper and needful to take a stab at some of the things people wished they had done when much younger.

POOR TIME MANAGEMENT Time they say is money. Just ask Dangote or B.gates. Who has ever looked back at how much time they had spent on the couch and thinks, “time well spent?” Time is precious and depending on how well you use it could make you prosperous. Perhaps, you could have invented Facebook and not our dear friend, Zuckerberg. If calculations were made at the end of our lives, some would have actually lost half their time to sleeping, gisting, or even eating.

INVESTING IN A RELATIONSHIP Relationships bring happiness as well as sadness. But have we ever thought of how much hinderance it could bring especially when there is way too much devotion to it? Investing too much time and effort to a relationship as opposed to one’s career would ensure that you reap more from what you give the most attention. If you try utilising a quarter of the time you use in thinking of your partner, you’d probably have become an inventor and more creative as well. Always remember this: success has many friends and failure…none.

NOT GOING FOR YOUR PASSION Watching the movie, 3Idiots would change your perception on why you should go for your passion when choosing a course of study in a tertiary institution. Most people later in life would regret sacrificing what they enjoy doing for the salary they would received. As the saying goes, “make your passion your profession and you would never have to work a day in your life.”

SAVINGS Most people would wish they were not a charitable ATM machine and a generous central bank when they were much younger. You might have been richer than Adenuga now if you had saved more, don’t you think? HANDWORK You probably won’t be that strapped for cash if you had a handwork you are good at. Handworks like catering, fashion designing, barbing, shit business (yeah, shit biz …cos someone became a millionaire through it.),hair-dressing, etc, weren’t appealing to you when you were a youth, but as one age, you start to realize the importance of having something you are good at that no one can take away from you.

MAKING THE RIGHT FRIENDS Tell you what; one true friend is definitely worth more than a multitude of acquaintances. Most simply would have wished they chose quality friends instead of trying to win a popularity contest. Your success tomorrow may depend on the kind of friend(s) you made yesterday.

KNOWING GOD EARLIER This may look too religious, but the importance of God to mankind cannot be trivialised. Some might have been more successful, made less mistakes, or the right choices if only they had encountered God earlier. The good news here is; it’s never too late. So, folks, are there other things you wished you had done earlier? Please, let’s know by dropping a comment.

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