Musician Malaika Rescues 9ice From Ejection On London Bound Virgin Flight!

Monday November 19 2012 will forever remain a date to remember in the life of the dwindling in popularity musician- Abolore Akande widely known as 9ice who nearly s

uffered ‘a public embarrassment’.

We gathered that he was ‘ejected’ from a london bound Virgin Atlantic flight when seemed not to be too sure of knowing the rule of the game in flying.
But the treatment was reversed by another musician- Fuji artiste Sulaimon Alao, more popular with the stage name Malaika.

A source divulged to NAIJAOLOFOFO that, the duo were adjudged late for the flight.
Their names were announced, and their luggages offloaded when they were not seemed to be around.

“But some of the flight attendants recognised Malaika’s name- they quickly sent a vehicle to convey him to the flight and his baggages were put back on board,” a source revealed.

“They didn’t know 9ice was the Abolore Akande mentioned along with his name so Malaika requested same treatment for 9ice,” another source disclosed.

Another vehicle was dispatched to pick him and his luggages returned on board as well.

Sources divulged the duo made the flight to London- where Malaika was on a musical tour.

It is not clear what 9ice’s mission was in London.

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