MUSIC:Heart of The City ft. Yetty, Big L and Tipsy (RIP) – PH Aluu Murder Victims

On the 27th of July 2012 we received a song from Forbs Zhilah “No One Like Me (South Kings Version) “ Featuring some of the best underground rappers in PH such as Timi Kay, Big L, Mo’ Grey, & Jo’ Pablo. After applauding Timi Kay’s verse the next verse that came in immediately caught my utmost attention. That verse portrayed lyrical finesse and skill, so i took note of the name “Big L” as one of those rappers in PH to put tabs on. The next time i came across that name was on a track on Timi Kay’s Hold Your Applause mixtape titled “Heart Of The City” also featuring a female singer and another very good rapper known as Tipsy. And just 4days ago after countless plays of that track, i decided to invite Big L to be a part of the ongoing PH City Cypher hosted by this blog. I had to ask for his phone number from Timi Kay, called him on Wednesday 3rd Oct and told him to come get the beat from me on Friday 5th of October, when he said he would return to his residence at captain amangala, Borirki. He hung up after we passed parting pleasantries. Just yesterday (Friday 5th Oct) afternoon i noticed blogs were flooded with a shocking story about 4 students of Uniport who were killed by a community mob for allegedly being robbers. I was petrified when i found out they were Big L, Tipsy (both rappers that we admired) & others. It is such a sad thing that our industry would loose two highly talented up-comers in an ugly scenario as such. This loses were purely results of callousness, illiteracy and barbarism being portrayed by jobless youths. Am left to wonder if killing is now a milder crime compared to stealing (Thats if they were really guilty)? Well, we shall all be judged accordingly in due time.

As if they knew what would befall them when they wrote verses to Timi Kay’s “Heart In The City” because the lyrical depth totally depicted this kinds of events.
We heard lines like:

Growing up in a city like PH where wrong was made to seem right, we embraced the street life cuz there’s no love in the heart of the city. How can the seeds grow when the garden is weary – Big L (Lloyd)


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