Mshoza Breaks The Silence Over Cheating On Ex – “It Was A Mistake”

Singer has finally voiced out over accusation of cheating over her ex-husband.

The ex-husband spread the news on social media, lamenting on how she broke his brother’s heart.

But, chose to be silent all throught that period.

However, the singer has gained more strength by focusing on her music, though she revealed during an interview with Phat Joe on Radio 2000 that it was all a mistake and she further explained what triggered the cheat.

“Look, I made a mistake, I can’t really explain it, but it was not a wise one, there are a whole lot of things. Women usually will cheat because they get attention outside that they’re not getting at home. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a pastor, and he said that men will go out and work hard, buy houses, cars and expensive clothes for their woman and forget to appreciate them and this guy who works at a car wash will come and appreciate her and show her more attention and love. That’s why you’ll find out that a women who are married to businessmen cheat with the brokest guy.”

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