Ms V – Magic (Prod By E-Kelly)


government name, Tobore Vanessa Aluya is an artiste to watch out for. Compared to most artistes she discovered her passion for music rather late, she was 16 at this point of her life. She founded her label “YNP Records” in 2013 and has worked with a handful of the best producers in the business.
When asked what she wants to do with her music she replied, “My music needs to convey .. A fun,loving young girl coming of age. As a young female between the ages of 18 – 23 we go through a lot of changes and situations that help us grow, As I grow my music grows with me and it conveys whatever I am going through at the time. I find a lot of young women go through similar situations but are always too scared to talk about it, so I will sing about it ! It might sound good and make you dance but every song has a story “.
grew up listening to all sorts of music from Lauryn Hill to 50 Cent to Mary J Blige so her knowledge of music is very vast. She is also currently in University studying management in Boston.


(Prod By E-Kelly) [DOWNLOAD]


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