MICHAEL JACKSON’S KIDS: Don’t Matter If They’re Black Or White!

Paris Jackson, Prince Micheal Jackson, La toya Jackson, Blanket Jackson….

Michael Jackson‘s children were seen together on a rare night out on the town. They were promoting an energy drink Pink Ginseng. Looking at them,  what strikes one most is how proud their late great dad must be, making offspring that are as far from being black as he ultimately succeeded in re-making himself! By the way, I thought that this public spectacle was exactly what he didn’t want for his kids. Going so far as wrapping them in blankets and masks when they were growing up. Wonder if it would have been so if he were still here.

14-year-old Paris and Prince Micheal

Blanket Jackson, the baby wrapped in a blanket and held out over a balcony much to public chagrin, back in the day. He is actually very very cute and looks much like his dad, even when he was a full african american…

Here’s a picture to show that,

….see the left picture…Blanket clearly has his features…

…Young handsome Micheal…


Faces and Phases of the great Michael Jackson: Maybe all the poor kid ever wanted was just to be a white man.

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