Michael Jackson Remains Highest Earning Dead Celebrity

KING-OF-POP-michael-jackson-32510476-960-704It’s over two years since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, died but he is still killing it in the graveyard.

The iconic pop star, who died at 50, is making more money than any other dead celebrity in Hollywood, including Liz Taylor and Elvis, according to Forbes.

The magazine just released its annual list of top-earning dead celebrities and this year, Michael Jackson took back the crown from his good friend and fellow dead-person Liz Taylor, last year’s top-earner.

Here’s the breakdown according to the mag: 1) Michael Jackson, $160 million 2) Elvis, $55 million3) Charles Schulz, $37 million4) Liz Taylor, $25 million5) Bob Marley, $18 million.

MJ was No. 2 last year, but two successful Jacko-inspired Cirque du Soleil shows have shot the King of Pop back to the top.

Besides Liz Taylor’s drop, the rest of the list contains the usual suspects, Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Lee, but there is one notable new name — Mexican singer Jenni Rivera, who died in a plane crash back in 2012.

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