Meet Denlere Edun’s Wacky Sister (SEE Photos)

Denrele’s Sister

Many Nigerians are used to the weirdness of Denlere Edun, the eccentric VJ and presenter, but only few knew his wacky kid sister Aderonke Edun.

Like her elder brother who dresses like a woman and most often acts as one, Ronke is a tom-boy who acts and dresses like a boy all the time.

She attended Kabma-F International School for her primary education and Our Lady of Apostles, Yaba for her secondary education.

While Denrele looks and carries himself like a lady, leading to several insinuations, his sister also looks and carries herself like a guy, which has been making people raise eye-brows on their family.

Denrele’s Sister 2 Denrele’s Sister 3 Denrele’s Sister 4 Denrele’s Sister 5

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