Meek Mill’s Attorney Wants Current Judge Removed From Case


Meek Mill’s recent prison sentence certainly hasn’t been a decision that has sat well with the hip-hop community. In fact, Meek’s lawyer has been pretty vocal about his displeasure in not only the decision, but also the judge who made it. He’s previously gone on record as saying that the controversial figure had asked Mill not only for a shout-out in a personalized song, but also allegedly tried to coerce the rapper to bolt from his Roc Nation deal and sign with a local Philly label. For these reasons, among several others, Meek’s lawyer is now taking steps to have the judge removed from this case altogether.

According to a new report from TMZ, Mill’s legal counsel Joe Tacopina is aiming to get judge Genece Brinkley booted off this particular set of proceedings. Besides the fact that she acted “unprofessionally” in the lawyer’s eyes, she is also apparently denying that she received important documents when it has since been proven that she has seen and responded to them.


As a result, Tacopina is complaining to the judicial conduct board and also filing a motion for Brinkley to remove herself from Meek’s case. He also said that his client is angling for a pardon from the state of Pennsylvania. That option seems like a long shot, since the process can usually take more than a year to complete.

The support for Meek Mill both in the music industry and beyond has been heard loud and clear over the past week or so, with the co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, Michael Rubin even writing a long letter to Brinkley, outlining the reasons why Meek should not do any time in prison. “I have rarely met someone as interesting as him,” he wrote. “I quickly saw that he had a genuine desire to learn, grow, and advance his career and find a way to have a positive impact on his community.” At the time of this writing, a petition that has been circulating online, calling for Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf to have the “unjust” sentenced rescinded, has gained over 300,000 signatures. Hopefully all of these efforts will result in Meek Mill ending up on the right side of the law for once.


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