Meek Mill Scores Huge Legal Win Over His Rival, Judge Genece Brinkley

 and his legal team have long said Judge Genece Brinkley, who sentenced him to two to four years for probation violations last year, is biased against him.

Today, Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner signaled he agreed by filing an appeal with the Pennsylvania Superior Court that asked for a new trial with a new judge.

In the paperwork, Krasner argued that “the public perception of unfairness and bias is exactly what the court’s behavior has engendered here” and detailed instances in which he thought Brinkley overstepped her duties as a judge.

“Williams [Meek] should be awarded a post-conviction relief in the form of a new trial,” the appeal said. “In the alternative, his recusal motion should be granted and this matter should be remanded for a violation of probation hearing before a new judge.”

Meek had served five months of Brinkley’s sentence before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered him freed while his appeal of the sentence was pending.

Meek’s lawyers called Krasner’s filing  a “huge legal victory.”

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