Marriage Not About S3x–Waje


Female singer, , has called on ladies to identify what they truly want in man before thinking of settling down with him. 

She stated that everyone is not meant to be the bone of the next person but with prayers, a lady can identify her rightful man.

“Man and woman were made of the same material. Adam says, ‘She is bone of my bone.’ When you find a person with whom you are compatible, there is a bonding that consummates marriage that has nothing to do with s3x. 

“I also understand how you could feel this person to be the only choice in the world. Everyone you meet isn’t bone of your bone! It is important that you do not allow anyone to manipulate you into choosing someone with whom you have no bond. 

“Everyone must pray and discern if the other is someone they could cleave to the rest of their life. The term ‘cleave’ is translated from the Hebrew word debaq. It means ‘to impinge, cling or adhere to; figuratively, to catch by pursuit or follow close after.’ 

“There is a great need in most of our lives to cleave, to feel that sense of belonging. It is a knitting together of two thirsty hearts at the oasis of a loving commitment,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, some of her fans, who read her message, hailed the singer for her opinion and pointed out that some marriages crash because clerics fail to tell their congregation the truth about relationships. They also faulted some marriage counselors who are not blunt in their advice.

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