The Many Things Late MKO & I Did Together In School” – Obasanjo Reveals


A book titled “Baba’s Story: Nigeria Is 50″ by a Ghanaian author, Abyna-Ansaa Adjei on ex-Nigerian president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo(aka Baba), is fast-selling at the moment. The 60-page hardcover book, which its foreword was written by Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote, is a story of Obasanjo’s origin as told by the ex-president himself. One of the revelations in this book is the relationship between Baba and late Bashorun MKO Abiola which he rarely talks about. Excerpts:

“Moshood Abiola, the billionaire businessman,said he was going to run in the elections. Abiola and I were school mates at the Baptist Boys High School in Abeokuta. He was a year my senior,although we left the school the same year. Kashi, as he was fondly called at school, was editor of our school magazine, The Trumpeter. I was a regular contributor to the magazine and the librarian of the school, a job I had to do to earn some money to pay my way through school.

We had remained friends and I was happy that someone who had achieved so much for himself and others was offering himself to lead our beloved country. After all, Kashi, otherwise called MKO, was a man who, out of his own pocket, had donated money for many good causes all over the country. From school, I had known Kashi as bright, witty, unorthodox and down-to-earth. He spoke with a bit of stammering but he always spoke sense and he could be blunt and brash. He was respectful and he could be pleasant and humourous.

When the elections were over, the results coming in showed Abiola was winning. Babangida then brought out the joker. Mid-way, the announcement of results was stopped. Speculation was rife, and then came the announcement that the election was cancelled. Up till today, only Babangida knows why the election was annulled”.

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