Man Shocked After Visiting His Friend’s Mansion In Ikoyi, Lagos (Photos)


A man was left stunned after visiting the mansion of his friend whose father is a billionaire in Lagos. The multi-billion naira mansion belongs to Nigerian philanthropist and estate mogul, Sir Olu Okeowo, located in Parkview, Ikoyi area of Lagos state.

This trending footage was recorded by a friend of Okeowo’s son based in the UK , who was visiting the house for the first time.

In this video, the son (guy without a shirt on) seemed to have avoided the camera but, his “hype-man” brought a twist of fun with his jokes while taking the visitor round the house.

The mansion named, Palacio De Okeowo, is a three-floor Victorian building overlooking the sea. It was gathered that the mansion which is reportedly valued at $12 million was completed in a period of eleven months.

Palacio De Okeowo stands on five acres of land reportedly worth $3 million. It also claims 5,000 square metres of the sea that was sand-filled to situate the mansion’s swimming pool and other leisure areas on the land. It also includes a helipad, a jetty, basketball and tennis courts and chapel.

Olu Okeowo is not only a noted real estate billionaire, he is also popularly known for his eye-whopping car collection. Do you know that the total value of Olu Okeowo cars are around ₦2 billion, if not more.

His latest Rolls-Royce was bought late last year to commemorate the completion of his new 16-bedroom palace. It is said that the garage that keeps Sir Olu Okeowo’s colony of Rolls-Royce is fully air-conditioned..


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