Man Narrates How His 21 Year Old Female Cousin Introduced Him To $ex At 6

A Nigerian man has taken to twitter to give a narration on how he was $exually abused at the age of 6 by his older cousin who was 21 year old at that time.According to him, she would make him suck on her vagina while she did the same to him. She eventually introduced him to full-blown $ex and por.nographic materials at the age of 11.

And the man believes it is the reason why he is suffering from serious emotional instability and huge crave for $ex now

Read his story below:

I was $exually abused starting from when I was 6. I’m 21 now and I’m a $exual wreck. When I was 6 we used to live with my older cousin, who was 20-21. She’d babysit me. My mom was always busy; and she trusted her. She’d make me bath with her . She’d suck my di*ck and ask me to do the same to her. I would lick her up, not knowing what i was doing.

When I finish, she would brush and rinse my mouth. This went on on until she surprised me when I turned 11 by bringing por.nographic movies for us to watch. I remember that was my first encounter with.

por.nography. I’ll then have a hard on and she’d begin stroking my di*ck. I had my first $ex with her. It happened when I was 12. She’d bring her friends over and have me give them head. By that time, I was okay with it and enjoyed it. When she left, i turned to masturbation.

She lived with us for 7 years. In those seven years, I became a $ex and masturbation addict. Till date, I am addicted. I struggle to sustain relationships too. I am fighting to recover, I have not given up

Ps: I keep screaming that parents should watch out. That they should be careful who they allow around their kids. So many things are happening to these kids that they are not telling parents. #EndRap£ #ChildMolestationIsReal #MeToo

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