Man Beats His Wife Black & Blue For Refusing Him $ex On Daily Basis (SEE Photos)

Ladies please if your spouse shows a slight sign of been an abuser, run for your life, Me i have said my own, Just today we’ve seen over 4 cases of Domestic Violence from Ladies, and another one is now crying after been battered by her dear Husband, On reason that she refused to open when he wanted, According to Popular Facebook user  Austin Bebara  who said the Lady reached out to him, the Husband wants it everyday, and each time she refuses her face turns the way you see above.. Read his post below

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  1. why will she refused? look all of you that is supporting all these evil women will die badly ok. why will she refused him sex? which means the woman had another man that sex her ok. Besides if the man go out to have sex with another woman she will be the first to complain. God will punish any woman that refuses his husband sex. and God will punish anybody that support the women that refuses sex to their husband.

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