Make Yahoo Messenger Login Multiple

 Learn very simple yahoo trick to login multiple yahoo messenger in windows 7 and higher versions. This yahoo trick will be valid on also upcoming windows operating system and even you can run on different yahoo messenger versions.
The aim of this trick is benefit persons who have multiple yahoo emails. So that they can easily access their multiple yahoo messengers to keep in contact at a same time. This will help them to save their time rather that wasting time on logging off and connecting different yahoo id.

Let’s start how this trick will work. Please use below steps to make it work correctly.

1. Go to start , then click on run then type in run box regedit 
3. Click on software
4. Go down and click on Yahoo
5. Click on Pager 
6. Click now Test 
7. Now Right click on white area and go to New and click on DWORD VALUE 
8. Right click on new created value and rename it to plural in small letters and then double click on plural and put value data 1.

When you done with above 8 steps just click the yahoo messenger shortcut or open it from startup, your multiple yahoo is ready.

Happy Chatting

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