Lies You Have Probably Been Told About Birth Control Pills

4 Lies You Have Probably Been Told About Birth Control Pills

Condoms are the most common type of birth control because they’re cheaper, more accessible and less invasive.

However, this method means the guy has a lot of control. Many women have been manipulated into having Se-x without condoms even when they don’t want to. One of the ways to take back the control of your body will be to try other birth control method that gives you complete power and that is where birth control pills come in.

Sadly, due to some erroneous myths, a lot of women have frowned against the pill. But let’s help you debunk them and give you the peace of mind you need to make the right choice for your body.

1. It makes you gain weight

While some women seem to gain weight on the pill, research has actually shown that there’s no correlation between weight gain and birth control. The pill contains oestrogen which can make some women feel bloated but this goes away after a while. It also contains progestin which can increase your appetite but with proper diet and exercise, this can be counteracted.

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2. It can cause birth defects

Experts have confirmed that the pill is a safe and well-tolerated contraception method. It has not been linked to any type of birth defects.

3. It causes infertility

There’s also no connection between taking birth control pills and infertility. Fertility can return almost immediately after you stop taking the pill. This is why it’s important not to miss any dose.

4. It’s only used for contraception

As it turns out, birth control pills have a lot of other benefits. In addition to preventing pregnancy, the pill can also make your periods more regular, reduce menstrual cramps and prevent menstrual migraines.

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As you can see, birth control pills are a lot more beneficial than harmful. So don’t let fear keep you from being smart about your body.

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