Leaving KCee Never Affected Me—Presh


Presh, one half of the defunct music group, KC Presh, has disclosed to Nigeriafilms.com that he is fully back into the music industry for good. Days ago, the singer, who is now a solo artiste, dropped his latest single entitled ‘Asalamalekun’, which has been trending now.

He told us that he plans to release the video of the song in two weeks’ time.

When NFC asked him why he went off radar for a long time, the petite musician said it was to re-strategize and re-launch his brand into the showbiz world. According to him, he had to embark on a music tour outside the country after he left the defunct group.

“Well, I wasn’t around, I was on tour and I needed to do some certain things and get my hands together to come back and face the industry,” he said.

Presh denied being badly affected by the exit of KCee from the music group as being thought in some quarters.

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