Lagosians React To Ban On Clothes Spreading

I am not sure of the exact reasons why the Lagos State Government would take such step against the people. But I’m not surprised, judging by the pedigree and past radical deeds of the state government. Although the move could be a precautionary measure to make the environment look beautiful, but the state must consider that the people have rights which should not be trampled upon and not just issue out laws and expect everyone to succumb to them.

Some people make a living in dry cleaning business. With the directive, where will they dry these clothes after washing them? No matter how clean they want Lagos to be, banning the spreading of clothes outside is not the way to go about it.

The government must state in clear terms why people shouldn’t spread their clothes outside. They are just dishing out random decrees and making citizens suffer. I feel it’s not just democratic of the government.
– Ojei Omogie

It is a good decision

The idea of spreading clothes on balconies, fences, etc, is not good at all. Looking back at the compound I once lived, it makes the entire building look very untidy and gives the passers-by the impression that the compound is over-crowded and the occupants are uneducated.
Anyway, how does the government want to correct this error which has eaten deep considering the nature of buildings and the compounds?
–Ikpeamanam Uche

It’s a welcome development

I believe it is a good move by the government because when you go to some areas, you’ll be surprised and even embarrassed by the way they litter their clothes all over the place. It makes the environment look untidy, and this practice has been abused. It’s a welcome development, at least itwill make the environment look more decent and appealing. Residents will have to adjust to this new rule or face the penalty.
–Femi Okunnuwa

It’s unfair

I am not supporting this decision because I believe it is unfair on the citizens of Lagos State. The houses belong to them and they should be free to make use of the compounds. People are not expected to dry clothesinside their house.
–Idowu Omowunmi

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