Lady Who Reportedly Drank Dettol And Collapsed Afterwards In Alcohol Challenge Tiktok Video Speaks


The woman who purportedly collapsed after ingesting a chemical rumored to be Dettol has spoken up.

After being seen on camera drinking from a bottle of Dettol while participating in Joe Boy’s current #AlcoholChallenge, the lady provoked uproar on social media.

She was seen lying on the floor with froth coming out of her mouth in another video. She has now addressed what transpired in the video and refuted claims that she went above and beyond to complete the challenge.

She did not appear to have consumed the Dettol. She claimed to have carefully cleaned the bottle before pouring another drink, which she consumed on the video.

In other news, former Big Brother Naija housemate Kayvee has taken to his Instagram page to celebrate World Mental Health Awareness Day by emphasizing his own struggle.

Kayvee voluntarily left the BBNaija show after suffering an emotional breakdown as a result of his mental health.

Kayvee writes a statement on the pain he felt after leaving the program on Instagram to commemorate World Mental Health Awareness Day.

“Today is World Mental Health Awareness Day!!! As someone with a lived experience, I know how vital mental wellbeing is and how easy it is to be labelled, judged and seen through the lens of one’s mental health condition, especially as a public figure.

“It hurt to read negative comments about my experience, but I then realised that the real problem is people’s limited knowledge about mental health. Mental health is simply how a person is faring with their psychological and emotional well-being.

“The Big Brother Naija show was a once in a lifetime opportunity and one I will always be grateful for. Although I intended to go far, when I noticed something wasn’t right with my emotional well-being, I did the best thing for myself by seeking help. I chose my well-being.

“World Mental Health Day is a chance to talk about the importance of mental health, recognise the signs, triggers and getting help. Never be afraid to seek help. #FreeYourMind

“Recovering was easier because I had my support network around me— family, friends, KayVee FC and well-wishers who uplifted me with their words.

“This World Mental Health Day, I ask that we educate ourselves on mental health conditions and support those living with it. I hope to continue to use my voice for social advocacy.

“With all my love, KayVee,” he wrote.


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