Lady Reveals Reasons Why She’s A Lesbian

A Beautiful lady identified as Keke has taken to Twitter to give a shocking reason as to why she prefers other ladies than men.

According to her, she is not a lesbian just because of the many reasons that other ladies give, she is simply a lesbian just because she chose to be.

Some ladies who are lesbians often times say they were heartbroken several times by men, or $exually violated by men, hence their reason to settle with fellow women.

However, for Keke, it is a different reason entirely.

Tweeting via her handle @Gay_loveeee She wrote;

i am a LESBIAN.Not because i wasn’t di*cked down right,not because a nigga did me wrong,not because men are dogs,not because i was $exually violated by a man,not because I can’t get a man & not because I can’t get di*ck but SIMPLY because I am attracted to women!!!!

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