Lady Blasts Falz For Using Ladies In Hijab To Dance In His Trending “This Is Nigeria” Video.

Over the weekend, Nigerian rapper, Falz The Bahd guy released a new video, “This is Nigeria” – which is a parody of foreign rapper, Childish Gambino’s “This is America” – and ever since has been trending on social media.

His video has been buzzing all over social media because of its contents and the messages he passed across through it.

While most people are showering him encomiums, a particular lady is not quite happy that he used dancers wearing Hijab in the video.

The lady says his actions has trampled on her dignity and pride. In her own words,

I really am disappointed. Why of all things to use, he decided to degrade the hijab. It shows his level of social etiquette. No matter the message passed across, he has trampled on our dignity and pride… He went overboard thus time around

Some don’t quite agree with her though…

Watch below and tell us what you think,

Falz has disrespected us – Nigerian Muslim Lady.

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What do you think tho?

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