LADIES MUST READ !! 7 Facts & Reasons Why Guys Don’t Toast You



Ladies You have got on your best low waist top with those killer high heels that exposes every inch of S3xiness in your legs expecting to catch the attention of the boys, but to your disappointment, no one seemed to notice you.

The worst part is your friends are having a far better day than you are. Don’t get it wrong, you are looking finer than your mates, the perfect bum and bossoms to complement any beautiful dress. You expect any man to go on his knees instantly on sighting you.

This leaves you questioning the turn of events of the day. Today your’e in luck because we’ve got answers for you.

See below :

1. You hangout with guys a lot

This goes to the girls who have a lot of reserves in the friendzone, hanging out with that particular guy who’s like a brother to you could make potential suitors question the possibility of you being in a relationship and yes, not all men are scum, we don’t all go about ruining relationships, so except you like that, you should consider having girls as friends instead.

2. There’s a ring on your finger.

You get to a particular age where the fourth thing guys observe after approaching you may be disturbing to them.

3. You look like you come from money

Inferiority complex is something a lot of guys seem to have in common, and if you look like the independent career woman, 6 figure earning type, be certain that a lot of guys will only admire you from afar. A rich woman is a big deal to guys and some are yet to overcome that inferiority complex and approach you.

4. You are always with your clique

Men act like wolves or lions when meeting a girl, most won’t approach you until you are alone and if you are the type that walks in a group of threes or fours, then you have to wait for an equal and even more amount of guys before anyone talks to you.

5. You avoid eye contact

Believe it or not, an eye contact is the perfect non-spoken indicator of interest. try taking some time to be really interested in your environment or someone.

6. You wear glasses

Your glasses could make you look stern, serious or unattractive.

7. You are too loud

If you follow grace Ajilore on Instagram, you’ll know she’s the ultimate girlfriend goal for a lot of guys. But she can dissect any guy with her words, well she gets a lot of attention from the big boys but I am so damn sure the small  boys in my level won’t dream of getting close to her. If you yab guys this way and you’ve been wondering why they haven’t been giving you attention, now you know.


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